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Pre-op instructions:

1.       Please do not consume ANY solid foods for EIGHT HOURS prior to your scheduled appointment. A light meal is best the night prior to the procedure (Please avoid heavy or fatty food for at least EIGHT hours).


2.       Clear liquids, two ounces ONLY may be consumed up to TWO hours prior to your appointment. Clear liquids include ONLY: water, clear apple juice, and coffee or tea WITHOUT milk or creamers. Please call to confirm.


3.       Make sure to take your regularly prescribed medications unless otherwise instructed.


4.       You must arrange for responsible adult to accompany you upon discharge. For a minor patient a parent or legal guardian must accompany and present in the office (preferably the parent or legal guardian present at the consultation appointment).


5.       Loose fitting clothing and short sleeves should be worn, you may brush your teeth and rinse prior to the procedure. You may be more comfortable without your contact lenses. Please abstain from gel or dark colored manicures as they may impede with monitors.


6.       An iPod or music to listen to during the procedure may make you more comfortable.


If you have any questions please call the office. Thank you.